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    Happy Holi from Pond5!

    Feelin’ thirsty?  Pondcast Episode 2 is up!  For all your shirtless man needs.  You know we all got those needs. 

    Starring our own Ryan and Michelle - showcasing artists, our library, and where we’re appearing around the world at trade shows!

    Tell all your friends! Anyone who follows us on TWITTER in March 2014 will be put into a random draw to win $50 site credit on!

    You can use this to buy clips for your Youtube videos, pretty pictures for your projects, After Effects to make your workbook divine, and much more! Simply follow and we will announce the winner in the beginning of April :) Get your Follow On!

    Please note: You will have to create an account with Pond5 to use the $50 site credit prize, and anyone following with multiple accounts will be disqualified.

    (Tweety Enter Key Graphic by Pond5 Artist Cienpies)

    Pond5 <3 Adobe Premiere Pro

    Hey media makers!  Working on a project in Adobe Premiere and don’t want to break your groove when you search for stock? With the Pond5 plugin, you can browse footage, test it out, and bring it into your project without ever leaving Premiere!

    Smooth sailing.

    Check out the Pond5 Plugin for Premiere Pro here, and enjoy 50 FREE clips to get you on your way!

    ≈ beautiful loopable cloud journey from Pond5 ≈

    A Valentine because we love ya.

    Pond5 <3 Adobe Premiere —————- Filmmakers of Tumblr, this is for you.

    Femme Mannequin Lips Kissing


    雪翡翠, ogulee yu

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    Nostalgia, A Group Show Inspired by Nostalgic Toys and Games at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco

    Humans look at least this silly on a first date, so don’t judge.

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    By TomNC on Flickr.

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    Do not heed the siren call, she leads you to your doom!

    By Pond5 Artist HotelFoxtrot.  Come join us.


    2 Eagle Rays by Adam Broadbent on Flickr.

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    New Media Film Festival | Festival Team | Programming | Advisory Board


    A #film is a petrified fountain of #thought. - #JeanCocteau

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